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Download papers (selection)

The unbundling of health care driven by technology in 2035 [here]

Intelligent agents in health care [here]

Digital interactive television [here]

Predictive modelling in healthcare [here]

On medicines counterfeiting [here]

Rare disease ecosystem [here]

On machine learning and rare diseases [here]

9 Tribes of the internet [here]

A primer on decision making options [here]

Digital errors and patient safety [here]

Health telematics and the patient’s experience of care (early work) [here]

Healthcare of small countries [here]

Medicines trading platform [here]

Medicines use optimisation [here]

EU competition law and public undertakings in the context of healthcare [here]

EU right of establishment of professionals [here]

On crystal ball thinking and a critique of an article in Foreign Affairs [here]

On learning about health care from other countries [here]