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Scope of Practice

The focus of the consulting work is on the development of strategies and policies for the public and private sectors.

Areas where there is work that can be referenced include the following and details are available upon request:

  • market access, pricing, reimbursement with particular attention to positioning medicines within the patient’s treatment journey and linked to payer and clinician decision making
  • payer insight and priority setting in the context of healthcare system performance and strategic objectives and where opportunities for engagement may lie
  • detailed analysis of the patient’s treatment journey within and through care systems; this is often understood as value stream mapping and is very useful in determining where interventions can be most effective, in terms of patient outcomes or value for money. I use psychological determinants as well to identify how decision making is influenced by various heuristics.
  • strategy and policy development is a core competency and has resulted in new approaches to old problems. I believe one should never solve the wrong problem, so thorough-going analysis of a situation is helpful in developing options for consideration. I’ve approached such issues a counterfeit medicines, market access, digital and technology policies, workforce policies and commercial market entry strategies in this way.
  • the structure of provider networks is helpful in understanding the full scope of the potential market or scale of the policy options needed; commercialisation of research, for instance, sits within a network of governments, industry and academic health science centres, while compelling health system priorities may require system reconfiguration to release benefits — Goldratt’s constraints are a useful way to understand why some solutions don’t work when positioned in the real world.
  • taken as a whole, this experience has also been applied to governing board development, courses for civil servants on policy making, courses for clinicians and specialists and healthcare managers, drawing on experience running an MBA and teaching at the post-graduate level.

The company does not release its client list, but will respond to enquiries requiring references. All work undertaken is confidential unless it is in the public domain.