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Quarantines and ageism

The Covid pandemic has entailed a range of restrictions on our freedoms. It has led lawmakers to act in ill-liberal ways that go beyond what is actually necessary. There are two areas of concern in this post: The first is how… Read More »Quarantines and ageism

Should the fox run the hen house?

Comment on: Drawing light from the pandemic: Rethinking strategies for health policy and beyond My view is that the pandemic highlighted the failure of public entities and they should not be further rewarded by being put in charge of… Read More »Should the fox run the hen house?

Academic Health Science Centres, revisited

Comment on: Revisiting academic health sciences systems a decade later: discovery to health to population to society Timely update in Lancet on academic health science systems. These organisations have the missions of research, teaching and clinical services plus this… Read More »Academic Health Science Centres, revisited